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Dental implants practice of general dentists influences the treatment of avulsed teeth in adults
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RhBMP9 in comparison to rhBMP2 for ridge augmentation following tooth extraction - an experimental study in the Beagle dog
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Clinical effectiveness of rubber dam and gingival displacement cord with copy abutment on reducing residual cement for cement-retained implant crowns
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Saliva-derived tissue factor induces thrombin generation in a diurnal rhythm.
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Comparison of different cleaning procedures of Zirconium oxide surface
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Importance of Pink Esthetic Score-Variables to the Esthetic Outcome of Single-Tooth Implants
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One abutment-one time approach to maximize peri-implant tissue expression in the aesthetic area
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Effect of soft tissue grafting on peri-implant buccal tissue in single immediate implant treatment
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Immediate vs. Delayed Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone- 10-Year Survival and Bone Level Analysis
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Osteogenic Potential of Human Alveolar Bone Harvested Using Two Different Drilling Protocols
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Biocompatibility And Osteoconductivity Of PLCL Coated & Non-Coated Xenografts- An In-Vitro And Pre-Clinical Trial
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QoL and masticatory function in relation to cost-effectiveness for maxillary overdentures on bars or locators
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Platform switching versus regular platform implants. Five-year results from a RCT
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Soft tissue healing of immediate and delayed implants. An experimental study in beagle dogs.
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Implant abutment microgrooves affect soft tissue cells response via connexin 43 pathway
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Computer guided immediate implant placement into fresh extracted socket and soft tissue augmentation using a three-dimensional collagen matrix and immediate provisional restoration in the esthetic zone- 12-month results
EAO Online Library, Adriano Azaripour, 234697
How old is old for implant therapy?
EAO Online Library, Kristina Bertl, 234698
10-Year Survival Analysis of Dental Implants in Medically Compromised Patients- Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Bisphosphonates)
EAO Online Library, Werner Millesi, 234699
Wettability of The Intraorally Contaminated Titanium Discs Cleaning With Different Decontamination Methods
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Is periodontitis history always a risk factor for peri-implantitis progression? A case report
EAO Online Library, Tuter Gulay, 234701
Survival rates of implants supporting All-on-4 full-arch rehabilitations- a retrospective study
EAO Online Library, Stefano Corbella, 234702
All on Four immediate function Concept for Completely Edentulous Maxillae- A Clinical Report
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A split mouth study evaluating the ISQ trends, Radiographic bone loss and Implant survival of photofunctionalized and untreated dental implants.
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Bone structural modifications around implants inserted with bone grafting procedures. a randomized controlled trial with a 3 years of follow up.
EAO Online Library, Stefano Bianconi, 234712
The Comparision of Stress Analysis in Screw Retained and Cemented Implant Supported Fixed Restorations- A FEM study
EAO Online Library, Mustafa Zortuk, 234713
Prevalence of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis in 786 implants in private office
EAO Online Library, F. Peter Carls, 234714
Long-term analysis of technical complications in full-arch rehabilitations supported by four implants
EAO Online Library, Nicolò Cavalli, 234715
Guided virtual surgery versus conventional technique- a split-mouth randomized clinical trial
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Factors influencing accuracy of implant placement based on 3d prosthetic and surgical planning
EAO Online Library, Gina Lloret Torras, 234717
EAO Online Library, Santosh Y Nelogi, 234718
Can implants move in bone? A preliminary longitudinal micro CT analysis of implants under tensile forces in rat vertebrae
EAO Online Library, Kathrin Becker, 234726
Randomized, controlled clinical trial of lateral ridge augmentation using xenogeneic block grafts loaded with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 or autogenous bone blocks – a three-dimensional radiographic and profilometric analysis.
EAO Online Library, Stefan P. Bienz, 234727
Efficacy and safety of self-assembling peptide P11-4 in periodontal regeneration - an acute dehiscence model in dogs
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Chlorhexidine gel versus peri-implant inflammation- a randomized double blind placebo control study
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Volumetric changes in the buccal contour after immediate implant placement and provisional restoration together with a soft tissue substitute. A prospective case series
EAO Online Library, Eduardo Montero, 234730
Biphasic ability of periosteum-derived cells between osteoblastgenesis and fibroblastgenesis in vitro
EAO Online Library, Motoi Miura, 234731
Fatigue resistance of a two-piece zirconia oral implant. An investigation in the chewing simulator
EAO Online Library, Ralf Kohal, 234732
Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid for Bone Grafting.
EAO Online Library, Eduardo Teixeira, 234733
Does Periodontitis Influence Long-term Results of Full-arch All-on-4 5 6 Implant Rehabilitation Immediately After Extraction of the Failing Maxillary Dentition?
EAO Online Library, Bernhard Pommer, 234734

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