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PET of compromised teeth
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Removal force of conometric caps and abutments
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Marginal accuracy and internal fit of copings by the digital impression and CAD-CAM systems
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Prospect of short plateau implants in atrophic posterior maxilla- biomechanical study.
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Comparative study between using A-PRF membrane with Sticky Bone and Traditional GBR procedure at the Bone Defected Area
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Dental Implant and Restoration Selection by Prosthodontists in Dubai
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Investigation of the palatal mucosa thickness and volume for soft tissue grafting - a digital approach
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Bone grafting using a novel in situ hardening synthetic material with simultaneous early implant placement. A case report highlighting a new approach.
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Effects of hydrogenated TiO2 nanotubes on macrophage secretion and expression of cytokines and chemokines
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Antibacterial and antifungal activity of Nigella Sativa L essentiel oil
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Reliability of clinical techniques for evaluating alveolar bone quality and implant stability
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Accuracy of Template-Guided Placement of Immediate vs. Late Implants in vitro
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Bone regeneration in the aesthetic area using a flap design adapted from mucogingival surgery
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Microvascularisation of The Mucosa in The Lower Jaw as a Guide For Flap Design and Soft Tissue Healing
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Biomechanical Behavior Of Implants With Sloped Marginal Configuration
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Peri-implantitis- Uncovering the molecular mechanisms by a Bioinformatics approach
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Study of biocharacteristic of the effect of different surface condation to pure titanium implant
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Argon Plasma treatment affects early biological responses to graft material surfaces- an in vitro comparative study.
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Property Changes of Collagen Scaffolds Crosslinked by Traut’s reagent and Sulfo-SMCC
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Overcoming the biological aging of titanium by using electrolyzed deoxidized and ionized water
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Investigation of effect of zirconia on physical property and osseointegration by surface treatments
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Facility-Equator system as mandibular overdenture retainer- OHRQoL and prosthetic complications
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Intraoral photograph reproducibility for pink & white tissue assessment – is it worth the hassle?
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3 year study of dental implant in HIV positive patients
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Comparison of prosthetic and biological complications between guided surgery and free-hand surgery
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The Use Of BioHPP (High Performance Polymer) As Superstructure Material In Oral Implantology
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Bite Force after Fixed Full-arch Implant Rehabilitation (All-on-4) Compared to Complete Dentures and Dentate Patients
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Repeated failures of implants on the same site- Clinical study
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Clinical progress of teeth and implant displaced into the maxillary sinus- Retrospective clinical study
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Short dental spiral implants placed by a progressive steps technique in the atrophic posterior maxilla- a personal 10 years follow-up on 80 implants
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Long-term Retrospective Evaluation of Short Dental Implant Success and Associated Risk Factors
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Horizontal ridge augmentation using GBR with a native collagen membrane and 1-1 ratio of particulated xenograft and autologous bone- a 3-year prospective clinical study.
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Two-year follow-up of 23 implantoplasty cases applying a novel “platform switch” technique
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Osseodensification Crestal Sinus Floor Elevation with or without Synthetic and Resorbable Calcium Phosphosilicate Putty
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Immediate implants with a novel transgingival design- A 1-Year Single-Cohort Prospective Study
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The influence of implants platforms contamination during insertion upon bone loss during healing period
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6-mm-long 4-mm-wide implants or longer implants in augmented bone- 3-year RCT results
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Influence of timing on horizontal stability of connective tissue grafts at single implants- a pilot study
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The incidence of sinus membrane perforation in crestal sinus lift technique
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Sinus bone graft and simultaneous vertical ridge augmentation- Retrospective clinical study
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3d reconstruction of the severely resorbed maxilla via vertical and horizontal bone regeneration in combination with bilateral sinus lifts- a case report.
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Esthetic anterior implant therapy by computer guided surgery and transgingival GBR
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Implant placement simultaneously sinus augmentation using crestal approach in atrophic maxilla
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Flap tunneling technique in ridge augmentation with autologous bone graft- report of 2 cases and review of the literature
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Evaluation of the Behavior of Double Acid-etched Surface Implants in Patients 65 Years of Age and Older- A 15 years Retrospective Study
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Dimensional stability of grafts using synthetic hydroxypatite alone or with platelet rich fibrin on maxillary sinus lift. a clinical and tomographic study in humans
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All On four Concept and Predicability in Edentulous Jaws
EAO Online Library, Daniela Lyra, 232761
Immediate provisional restoration of single-piece zirconia implants- a prospective study – results after 18 month of clinical function
EAO Online Library, Sasa Marin, 232762
A comparison of the horizontal dimension of the ridge contours around the tooth and implant.
EAO Online Library, Yu-Chen Kuan, 232763
Augmentation with allograft mixed Platelet Rich Fibrin in anterior segmental severe bone loss
EAO Online Library, Toghrul TOGHRUL ALIYEV, 232775
Reliability of real-time surgical navigation guidance for four zygomatic implants in the rehabilitation of severely atrophic edentulous maxilla- a bone-to-implant contact analysis
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The utilisation of biomaterial combination in the alveolar bone crest reconstruction. Case report.
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By-pass of the inferior alveolar nerve with the aid of dynamic computer surgery
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Assessment of dental implants stability in areas previously submitted to maxillary sinus elevation
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Clinical Use of Digital Implant Surgical Guide and Short Implants in Mandibular Edentulous Jaw with Insufficient Bone Mass in the Posterior Areas- A Case Report
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Implants placed after orthodontic treatment in patients with congenitally missing lateral incisors
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Clinical application of dynamic navigation for dental implantation in bone augmented sites.
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Immediate implant placement- Decision making
EAO Online Library, Nadhir Kaabi, 232794
Grafting tissues associated to immediate dental implant in aesthetic zone- a necessity or an option?
EAO Online Library, Aymen Debibi, 232795

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