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Dental Implant and Restoration Selection by Prosthodontists in Dubai
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Biomechanical Behavior Of Implants With Sloped Marginal Configuration
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Investigation of effect of zirconia on physical property and osseointegration by surface treatments
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Lower Facial Angle and its Correlation with the Height and Depth of the Face in the Determination of the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
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Comparison of prosthetic and biological complications between guided surgery and free-hand surgery
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The Use Of BioHPP (High Performance Polymer) As Superstructure Material In Oral Implantology
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Accuracy of computer-guided implant surgery in partially edentulous patients by using 3Shape software planning program.
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The clinical application study of dental implant fixed prosthesis was obtained with minimally invasive surgery in edentulous jaw patients
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Retrospective study on the marginal alveolar bone resorption of long and short implant installation with flapless technique-1-2 year follow-up
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Clinical study on implant survival and graft resorption rate after maxillary sinus bone grafting
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Accuracy of computer-assisted template-based implant placement using conventional impression and scan of a physical stone model or intra-oral scanning- a randomized controlled trial
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One-stage horizontal guided bone regeneration with autologous bone, anorganic bovine bone and collagen membranes- 3-year follow-up from a prospective study.
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Implant stability in SLA and SLA Active implants in patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus - a randomized controlled trial.
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Long-term Retrospective Evaluation of Short Dental Implant Success and Associated Risk Factors
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LASSO GBR- Rationale, Technique, and Long-term results
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Multi-level early volumetric changes at immediate implant sites- a retrospective case-control study
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Immediate implants with a novel transgingival design- A 1-Year Single-Cohort Prospective Study
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The influence of implants platforms contamination during insertion upon bone loss during healing period
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Sinus Augmentation with Platelet Rich Fibrin in Combination with Allograft- Preliminary Results
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Duration of implant surgery comparing free-hand and template-guided approaches. A controlled study.
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Sinus bone graft and simultaneous vertical ridge augmentation- Retrospective clinical study
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3d reconstruction of the severely resorbed maxilla via vertical and horizontal bone regeneration in combination with bilateral sinus lifts- a case report.
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Efficiency of new Implant drilling system for parallel implants- A pilot study
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ISQ Measurement of Dental Implants Placed Simultaneously With Lateral Sinus Floor Elevation
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Evaluation of the Behavior of Double Acid-etched Surface Implants in Patients 65 Years of Age and Older- A 15 years Retrospective Study
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Dimensional stability of grafts using synthetic hydroxypatite alone or with platelet rich fibrin on maxillary sinus lift. a clinical and tomographic study in humans
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Lip Adhesion Treatment With Modified CLARKS Vestibuloplasty and Dental Implants
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Titanium mesh in bone reconstructions
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Augmentation with allograft mixed Platelet Rich Fibrin in anterior segmental severe bone loss
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Reliability of real-time surgical navigation guidance for four zygomatic implants in the rehabilitation of severely atrophic edentulous maxilla- a bone-to-implant contact analysis
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Histological comparison of socket preservation with PRF or allograft- A report of three cases
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Reconstruction of the maxillary posterior with sinus floor elevation and vertical ridge augmentation- Case reports
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Clinical Use of Digital Implant Surgical Guide and Short Implants in Mandibular Edentulous Jaw with Insufficient Bone Mass in the Posterior Areas- A Case Report
EAO Online Library, Sun Haipeng, 232791
Implants placed after orthodontic treatment in patients with congenitally missing lateral incisors
EAO Online Library, Omar HALOUANI, 232792

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