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The utilisation of biomaterial combination in the alveolar bone crest reconstruction. Case report.
EAO Online Library. Ghetiu A. Oct 9, 2018; 232777; P-SU-80
Alexandru Ghetiu
Alexandru Ghetiu
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The existence of various biomaterials utilized for alveolar crest reconstruction**as well as the multitude of forms in which they are presented allow their use in various**combinations and proportions. According to ITI in 2014, the combination between**particulated auto and xenograft, in proportion of 50 50, offers optimal and predictable**outcomes in the alveolar crest reconstruction.The analysis of the particulated mixture of autologous iliac crest bone graft, minimal-**invasively harvested with bovine xenograft in proportion of 40 60 for alveolar crest**reconstruction of the upper jaw. Clinical case- a 37-years- old female patient with a combined (horizontal+vertical) alveolar crest massive defect of the upper jaw, that needs an implant-prosthetic rehabilitation. For the defect reconstruction, a GBR with resorbable membrane and particulated mixture of autologous graft from iliac crest, minimal-invasivley harvested, with xenograft, in proportion of 40 60 has been performed. Due to the patient constitution, that limited the needed bone volume harvesting, in**this case there have been difficulties to meet the quantitative needs of autologous bone**from iliac crest, minimal-invasively harvested.This way the need of modification the**biomaterials proportion emerges. This clinical case represents the use of combination of**auto- xenograft in proportion of 40 60 . Following the minimal-invasive iliac crest graft**harvesting, an amount of 4 cm 3 of cortico-cancelous bone tissue rich in mesenchymal cells**with osteogenic potential was obtained, which being particulated by the bone mill, was**mixed with xenograft. This mixture was sufficient for the reconstruction of the massive**alveolar crest defect of the upper jaw in a predictable manner with a long-term stability. The**patient didn’t have complaints related to donor site, the morbidity being reduced. The mixture of autologous iliac bone crest graft, minimal-invasively harvested,**with xenograft in the proportion of 40 60 has proven to be a good solution in alveolar**crests’ reconstruction of the jaws.
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