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Repeated failures of implants on the same site- Clinical study
EAO Online Library. Kang D. Oct 9, 2018; 232697; P-SU-107
Dong-Woo Kang
Dong-Woo Kang
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Even an implant has a high success rate, there still is a failure in many reasons. Some studies indicated that implant failures are commonly concentrated in few patients, rather than to be evenly distributed among all treated patients. The objective of this study is to analyze reasons of recurring failures on the same site and results of re-implantation.Patients were selected who underwent implant failures on the same teeth two times or more in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Medical records and radiographs were reviewed. Current status was evaluated.Total 13 patients (11 male+ 2 female), 15 implants had failures on the same site more than two times. Twelve implants were in the Maxilla while two were in the mandible. Maxilla molar area was the most common site (53.5%), followed by mandible molar (20%).**The first failure was occurred mostly after a prosthetic treatment (40%) and average period was 3.8 months after the function. Reasons of failure were overloading like parafunction or immediate loading (33.3%) while seven cases (46.7%) were unknown. Eleven cases were treated as immediate implantation while four cases were delayed implantation after average 3.9 months.**The second failure was occurred still most commonly after completing a prosthetic treatment (46.75%) average 31 months after the function. Failures were due to overloading (26.7%), loss of secondary stability (20%) and unknown (46.7%). In three cases (20%) the treatment plan was changed like an implant bridge.**Finally, ten implants (66.7%) are survived.Implants can be failed repetitively at the same site due to overloading and other unspecified reasons. Age, sex and the location of implant placement seems to be associated with recurring failure. It can be successful under the appropriate treatment and removal of the risk factor but the long term follow up check is essential.
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