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The Use Of BioHPP (High Performance Polymer) As Superstructure Material In Oral Implantology
EAO Online Library. QORRI E. Oct 9, 2018; 232681; P-PA - 36
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The modify poli-ether-ketone has been used as an alternative material for manufacturing the superstructure prosthesis over the dental implants. In our study we have analyzed the fixed overdentures of 21 patients. The overdenture is fixed on dental implants placed by all-on-4 and all-on-6 protocols. A retrospective study of edentulous patient on Albanian University was performed from September 2016 – March 2018.The aim of this study was to find alternative materials that has such properties that help us to improve the quality of our prosthetic work, helping our patients to leave from the dental clinic with a definitive prosthesis within the first 24 hours. ** 168 implants (108 implants in maxilla and 60 implants in the mandibula) were placed at 21 edentulous patients due to all-on-4 and all-on-6 protocols. The group was divided in 4 previously edentulous patient and 17 post extractive ones and immediate implantation patients. The fixed prosthetic Toronto bridge in BioHPP was delivered in the first 24 hours. The patients were followed up for one and a half year.All the patients were followed up for 18 months. The first control was 2-3 days after the surgery, 7 days after we invite them for the removal of the suture (usually resorbable sutures were used but sometimes parts of them were founded to be removed). The disassembly of the fixed prosthesis for the first time was after 6 months for the maxillary and after 3 months for the mandibula. The dynamometer control of the abutments and connection screws was affectuated. The follow-up for the hygiene was any 3- 4 months on the first year. The new home oral hygiene techniques- super floss, waterpik, etc. for a better hygiene were explained to the patient. We had no implants loosed, no allergic reaction. We had to rebase 5 fixed prosthesis, 4 prostheses from the maxilla and 1 prosthesis of the mandibula. The 5 of them were from the group of post extractive implant placement.BioHPP fulfills prothesist's expectations giving a permanent fixed prosthesis in the first 24 hours from the surgery. In edentulous patients it is an ideal solution as they get their definitive prosthesis fixed in 24 hours, while with other types of techniques or resins they get provisional ones in 24 hours which are replaced later on by definitive prosthesis. Only the post-extractive cases has to be rebased with resin at the time of complete osseointegration.**
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