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Comparison of prosthetic and biological complications between guided surgery and free-hand surgery
EAO Online Library. Rafel R. Oct 9, 2018; 232680; P-PA - 35
Rodríguez Rafel
Rodríguez Rafel
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Oral rehabilitation with dental implants after a tooth loss has become the most common and predictable treatment plan1-5. Nevertheless, the success of these implants in long-term will depend on the different clinical outcomes. **The guided surgery with static guides is a more precise surgery than the free-hand method and consequently, the guided surgery should offer a better prosthetic results and less biological complications.The aim of this study is to compare which of the two following methods of guided surgery with CAD CAM template or with free hand surgery has less complication rate.A cross.-sectional study will be performed making a review of the clinical files in CUO (Clinica Universitaria de Odontologia). Different technical aspects of the surgery and all the complications were recorded.**Inclusion criteria-**1.Totally edentulous patients.**2.Patients rehabilitated with an Overdenture, Hybrid Prosthesis or ceramic “full-arch”**3.More than 3 years of follow-up**4.Guided or non-guided surgery****Clinical Parameters and Outcomes**-Type of surgery**1.Guided**2.Non-guided**-Jaw**1.Maxilla**2.Mandible**-Number of implants**-Individual factors**1.Tobacco**2.Diabetes**3.Periodontal disease**-Placement loadind protocol**1.Immediate**2.Delayed**-Surgical factors **1.Flapped Flapless**2.Need for bone augmentation**-Type of prosthesis**1.Overdenture**2.Hybrid Prosthesis**3.Ceramic “Full-arch”**-Complications**1.Tooth replacement**2.Ceramic chipping**3.Abutment Breakage**4.Acrylic fracture**5.Dislodgement of prosthesis**6.Fracture of bar**7.Screw loosening**8.Denture removal**9.Implant removal**From the clinical files of the CUO, 18 patients were selected, 9 of these patients underwent guided surgery and the rest were free-hand surgery.**For the guided surgery group, the mean age of the patient was 63,77 years. 5 patients were female. 6 patients were smokers and 7 had periodontal disease. 3 prothesis were hybrid, 1 was overdenture and 5 metal-ceramic full-arch. 55% of the patients had any type of complication. 2 prosthesis had screw loosening and 2 had teeth fracture of the hybrid prosthesis. 3 implants in 2 patients were lost and replaced.**For the free-hand surgery group, the mean age was 67.77 years. 5 patients were female. 4 patients were smoker and 5 had periodontal disease. 7 prosthesis were hybrid and the other 2 metal-ceramic full-arch. 66% of the patients had any type of complication. 3 prosthesis had teeth fracture of the hybrid prosthesis, 2 prosthesis had acrylic fracture and 1 metal-ceramic full-arch had ceramic chipping. 6 implants in 4 patients were lost.This results are preliminary results. **Sample size is small**No significant differences were observed between groups.**More research is needed to obtain results with clinical relevance.
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