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The effect of coatings on pure titanium by micro arc oxidation loading with dandelion polysaccharide on the bioactivity of mesenchymal stem cells
EAO Online Library. LI X. Oct 9, 2018; 232538; P-BR-135
Xiao LI
Xiao LI
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In previous studies, a TiO2 coating was prepared on Ti surface through micro-arc oxidation (MAO) by using calcium acetate as electrolyte, and the effects of the coating on cell attachment were testified. The main elemental compositions of the MAO coatings can be Ca, P, Ti and O. The Ca and P can promote the adhesion and differentiation of osteoblast. Dandelion polysaccharide is one kind of the active constituent of Taraxacum mongolicum,+a Chinese medicinal herb, widespreading in nature.This study aimed to investigate the effects of the MAO coating on mesenchymal stem cells while loading with dandelion polysaccharide.1.The schistose-shaped Ti (n=15) were supplied. MAO treatment was performed on the machined implants by a MAO equipment. Furthermore, the MAO coating has been loading with 2.0 mg L dandelion polysaccharide solution. A pure Ti and MAO coating that has been served as control (n=15+ pure Ti surface=5, MAO coating surface=5, MAO coating loading with dandelion polysaccharide). **2. Scanning electron microscopy was used to observe the Ti surface morphology. The elemental concentrations of the surfaces were quantified by energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer. The phase composition was analyzed by X-ray diffraction**3. BMSCs were seeded on the surface of different groups and cultured. Then CCK-8 kit was used to detect the adhesion and proliferation at selected time points.**4. SPSS 20.0 software was used for statistical analysis.**1. The coating with regular microstrcture(+diameter 1.0 to 6.0 mm)+was prepared by micro-arc oxidation on titanium substrates. (Fig.1)**2. At 2 hours and 4 hours, the number of BMSCs of MAO group and MAO load group are more than Ti group and the difference was statistically significant, but there was no significant difference between the two groups. (Fig.2)**3. At 3 days, the number of BMSCs of MAO load group are more than Ti group and MAO group, and the difference was statistically significant, while at 5 days and 7 days, there was no significant difference between MAO group and MAO load group. (Fig.3)**1. Micro arc oxidation method was used to successfully product a coating rich in calcium and phosphorus elements and loaded with dandelion polysaccharide.**2. The experiment in vitro showed that dandelion polysaccharide may promote proliferation of BMSCs on the surface of MAO coatings while cannot promote the adhesion.**
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