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Effects of fibrin-binding oligopeptide derived from fibronectin on osteoblast-like cell migration in in vitro wound healing model
EAO Online Library. Hong Y. Oct 9, 2018; 232537; P-BR-134
Yoojin Hong
Yoojin Hong
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Objectives of the study- to examine the effect of synthetic FN fragments including fibrin binding sites on migration of osteoblast-like cells via in vitro scratch assay.**Fibrin-binding oligopeptides, 100μ+M of FF3 and FF5, derived from FN enhanced the migration rate of MC3T3-E1 osteoblast-like cells in in vitro wound healing model and these peptdies can be applied to enhance the early wound healing capacity of biomaterials inserted into a bone. ** MC3T3-E1 osteoblast-like cells ** Synthetic oligopeptide** FF1(CYDNGKHYQ), FF3(CFDKYTGNTYR), FF5(CTSRNRCNDQ) ** - diluted to 50, 100 and 150 μ+M ** - coated to 4-well cell culture plate** Scratch wound assay** - 1×105 cells well** - parallel scratches with 200μ+l plastic pipette tips** - pretreated with mitomycin C(30㎍+ ml) 1 hr before wounding** Fixation and Staining** - 14, 20hr after wounding with Multiple stain** Migration rate (%) ** = area of migrated cells (A) cell free area (A+B)**All peptide groups except 150μ+M showed statistically significant increase in migration rate at 14 hr. **At 20 hr all experimental groups of 100μ+M and FF1 of 150μ+M concentration were significantly improved the scratch closure.**Significantly increased migration was observed at typeⅠ+**repeats 2-5 fibrin-binding fragments of FN – FF3 and FF5 **- added MC3T3-E1 cells. Optimum concentration was 100μ+M. ****The biologic effect of fibrin-binding oligopeptide in this study supports the FN's essential contribution in bone regeneration**as a temporary scaffold in FN-fibrin matrix. **
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