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Dental Implant and Restoration Selection by Prosthodontists in Dubai
EAO Online Library. AL SALEH F. Oct 9, 2018; 232520; P-BR-119
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With various dental implant systems and prosthetic component designs being introduced, decisions have to be made when choosing an implant system and a certain prosthodontic protocol. Some studies have been conducted to determine implant experiences and practices by specialists, however, a comprehensive survey of implant prosthodontic specialists has not been previously performed in the Middle East.This study aimed to determine selection criteria and choice of dental implants and restorations by prosthodontic specialists in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE.A validated 16 item survey was used as the basis for the study questionnaire. The topics included demographic information, implant training and experience, implant treatment planning, implant restorations, implant system preference and selection in addition to implant loading. The lists of licensed prosthodontists in Dubai were accessed through the official websites of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). An email requesting the recipient’s participation in the study with an attached questionnaire was sent to all registered prosthodontists. Responses to the questionnaires were gathered from January to April, 2017. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistics in addition to Chi-square test to test the association between variables (level of significance =0.05).Out of the 91 prosthodontists practicing in Dubai, a total of 77(84.6%) respondents completed the questionnaires and only 51(66.2%) prosthodontists reported practicing implant dentistry. Out of which, 28(54.9%) reported surgically placing implants and 23(45.1%) reported restoring them only prosthetically. Prefabricated metal abutments are the most commonly selected abutments for single crowns- 38(76.0%) and for fixed dental prostheses- 34(66.7%). Screw-retention is preferred mostly for single crowns- 34(68.0%) and fixed dental prostheses- 37(74.0%). Locators were the most commonly selected type of attachment for implant-retained supported dentures- 24(49.0%). There was no major preference for a certain implant system as selections were various. The most important criteria when selecting an implant system were the general implant features, literature support and simplicity of restorative kit while the least important criteria were training background, educational support from provider and costWithin the limitations of this study, it can be concluded that most licensed prosthodontists in Dubai (66.2%) practice implant dentistry. Implant system selections are various and there is no major preference for a certain system. Differences in preferences are present between government (DHA) and non-government employed prosthodontists (DHCC and private clinics). The majority of prosthodontists select implant systems based on implant features, literature review and simplicity of restorative kit.
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