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Prospective study of 535 Astra 6mm short implants with 1 to 9 years of follow up
EAO Online Library. Salgado A. 10/09/18; 232460; P- CI - 9
Alberto Salgado
Alberto Salgado
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Short implants have been launched in the last decade to solve situations with bone height deficiencies. We have actually successful long term results with 8 mm implants .**In our study, we analyze the survivor rate and periimplantitis data of 535 six millimeters implants in mandible and maxilla, with a medium follow up of 4,1 years, 167 of them with more than 5 years . We have also included in our research 116 short implants placed with horizontal or vertical augmentation procedures.**Our research has the following aims -**1. To determine the survivor rate of 6 mm implants.**2. To analyze causes of failures.**3.To determine the prevalence and distribution of periimplantitis in our sample.**4.To study implants placed with horizontal or vertical augmentation procedures separately.Prospective study of 535 Astra Dentsply 6 mm implants placed in 261 patients from October 2008 to July 2017 . The patients of our sample have a distance to the dental nerve or maxillary sinus of less than 8 mm. In case of less than 6 mm of bone width,horizontal bone augmentation was performed . In the same way, if the residual height of the mandible to the dental nerve was less than 6 mm, vertical augmentation procedures were achieved.**The baseline for our measurements was 6 months after the crown placement . Radiographic and clinical assessments were made every 12 months . Sanz and Chapple 2012 criteria were used for the diagnosis of periimplantitis.The survivor rate in our sample was 97,6% (IC95%- 96,3%-98,9%), with 13 failures, 9 in tha maxilla and 4 in mandible finding statistical differences between them (p=0,029).**Periimplantiitis was the most important cause of failure, present in 10 cases (77%). The failures were more common in smokers (p<0,001).**116 implants were placed with a different surgical approach + 27 were inmediateces post extraction implants, 46 with horizontal augmentation and 43 with vertical regeneration procedures.Only in the group of inmediate post extraction implants, statical differences were observed, with 89% of success rate.**Periimplantitis was diagnosed in 7,7% of implants and 14,2% of patients .**Survivor rate in implants with more than 5 years of follow up (167 implants) was 98,8%.**Analyzing the group of single implants (35 implants ) with a mean follow up of 3,04 years after loading, survivor rate is 97%.- 6 mm Astra Dentsply have demonstrated optimal survivor rate for mandible and maxillae.**- In spite of this, the survivor rate is statistically better in mandible.**-Survivor rate is worse in smokers**-6 mm implants can be successfully placed in addition of bone regeneration procedures, vertical or horizontal.**-the main cause of implant failure is Periimplantitis.**- Inmediate postextraction implants increases the risk of failures.**- Single implants present optimal survivor rate in medium term.
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